Call for Editorial Board Members


The Journal of Biological Methods (JBM) (ISSN 2326-9901) is a new multidisciplinary and open-access journal committed to publishing high quality peer-reviewed papers on cutting-edge and innovative biological techniques, methods and protocols. Manuscripts submitted for consideration are expected to describe original research on novel biotechnology, biological methods and experimental techniques, significant optimization and modification of existing methods, development of step-by-step protocols based on proven methods and technologies, and reviews on technical aspects of a particular biological field. Types of articles include Articles, Protocols, Reviews, and Application Notes.

Qualification and requirements of candidates:

Key qualities sought for Editorial Board positions with JBM include

  • Demonstrated scholarship and recognized expertise in bioscience fields, especially in developing techniques and methods;
  • Commitment to advancing science and technology, and maintaining high journal standards;
  • Faculty position or similar standing at an academic institution or other appropriate organizations;
  • A network of experts in biological fields for soliciting manuscripts and recruiting reviewers;
  • Editorial experience is preferred but not required.

Responsibilities for editorial board membership:

  • Working closely with the editors and other Editorial Board members to develop the journal’s editorial vision, policy and practices;
  • Providing expertise, advice, and assessment assistance to the editors;
  • Assisting the editors in identifying potential reviewers;
  • Promoting the journal to authors and readers, and if possible, soliciting or contributing manuscripts.

Recognition and Benefits: 

Being an editorial board member will be provided with great academic opportunity to contribute to the scientific community by participating in the evaluation of scholarly research. However, there is no monetary reward as all positions in the Journal are unpaid.

Terms for positions on the Editorial Board will begin on the date when application for membership is approved. All board members serve a three-year term.

If you are interested in becoming an Editorial Board Member, please send your CV and a one-page cover letter explaining your related experience and motivation to "editors at".