Prevention, Diagnosis and Eradication of Mycoplasma Contamination in Cell Culture

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Xuefeng Huang
Minghang Yu
Bingbing Wang
Yanlong Zhang
Junjing Xue
Yu Fu
Xi Wang


Mycoplasmas, contamination, diagnostic, eradication, cell culture


Mycoplasmas, which are the smallest and simplest prokaryotes, lack a cell wall but possess the ability to undergo self-replication. Mycoplasma contamination is a common problem for laboratories engaging in cell culture. Due to their small size, Mycoplasmas can easily permeate filters designed to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination in cell culture. Although Mycoplasma contamination usually does not result in cell death, it can significantly affect cell proliferation, metabolism, and cause chromosomal aberrations. Therefore, it is crucial to detect and eliminate Mycoplasma contamination in cell culture. This step-by-step protocol presents a comprehensive approach to prevent Mycoplasma contamination in cell culture, as well as to detect and eradicate Mycoplasma to ensure accurate experimental and sequencing results.


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