Visualization of subdiffusive sites in a live single cell

Zeno Földes-Papp, Gerd Baumann, Long-Cheng Li
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High-yield purification of exceptional-quality, single-molecule DNA substrates

Yue Lu, Piero Bianco
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Using a variant of the optomotor response as a visual defect detection assay in zebrafish

Matthew K. LeFauve, Cassie J. Rowe, Mikayla Crowley-Perry, Jenna L. Wiegand, Arthur G. Shapiro, Victoria P. Connaughton
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Fabricating spatially functionalized 3D-printed scaffolds for osteochondral tissue engineering

Paula Camacho, Matthew Fainor, Kelly B. Seims, John W. Tolbert, Lesley W. Chow
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Optimization of small-scale sample preparation for high-throughput OpenArray analysis

Neeta A. Abraham, Anne C. Campbell, Warren D. Hirst, Catherine L. Nezich
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