A method for the efficient iron-labeling of patient-derived xenograft cells and cellular imaging validation

Natasha N. Knier, Veronica P. Dubois, Yuanxin Chen, John A. Ronald, Paula J. Foster
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Getting two birds with one stone: Combining immunohistochemistry and Azan staining in animal morphology

Patrick Beckers, Müller Claudia, Christiane Wallnisch, Thomas Bartolomaeus
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Tissue-specific DamID protocol using nanopore sequencing

Georgina Gómez-Saldivar, Dominique A. Glauser, Peter Meister
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Comparison of CRISPR and adenovirus-mediated Myd88 knockdown in RAW 264.7 cells and responses to lipopolysaccharide stimulation

Alexander L. Kolb, Marinaliz Reynoso, Ronald W. Matheny
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