Measurement of intracellular calcium of submandibular glands using a high throughput plate reader


  • Abeer Kamal Shaalan King's College London
  • Guy Carpenter King's College London
  • Gordon Proctor King's College London



calcium, carbachol, in vitro, FlexStation, ionomycin, salivary glands, signaling


Calcium ions (Ca2+) impact nearly every aspect of cellular life and intracellular calcium [Ca2+]i is a critical factor in the regulation of a plethora of physiological functions, including: muscle contraction, saliva secretion, metabolism, gene expression, cell survival and death. By measuring the changes of [Ca2+]i levels, critical physiologic functions can be characterized and aberrant pathologic conditions or drug responses can be efficiently monitored. We developed a protocol for assessment of Ca2+ signaling in the acinar units of submandibular glands isolated from C57BL/6 mice, using benchtop, multi-mode, high throughput plate reader (FlexStation 3). This method represents a powerful tool for unlimited in vitro studies to monitor changes in receptor-mediated Ca2+ responses while retaining functional and morphological features of a native setting.

Author Biography

Abeer Kamal Shaalan, King's College London

Dental Institute

Mucosal and Salivary Biology Department


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