An optimized procedure for isolation of rodent and human skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar proteins


  • Michael D. Roberts Auburn University
  • Kaelin C. Young Edward Via of Osteopathic Medicine, Auburn Campus
  • Carlton D. Fox Auburn University
  • Christopher G. Vann Auburn University
  • Paul A. Roberson Auburn University
  • Shelby C. Osburn Auburn University
  • Johnathon H. Moore Auburn University
  • Petey W. Mumford Auburn University
  • Matthew A. Romero Auburn University
  • Darren T. Beck Edward Via of Osteopathic Medicine, Auburn Campus
  • Cody T. Haun LaGrange College
  • Veera L.D. Badisa Florida A&M University
  • Benjamin M. Mwashote Florida A&M University
  • Victor Ideanusi Florida A&M University
  • Andreas N. Kavazis Auburn University



protein isolation, muscle, MF protein, actin, myosin


Several published protocols exist for isolating contractile or myofibrillar (MF) proteins from skeletal muscle, however, achieving complete resuspension of the myofibril pellet can be technically challenging. We performed several previously published MF isolation methods with the intent of determining which method was most suitable for MF protein isolation and solubilization. Here, we provide an optimized protocol to isolate sarcoplasmic and solubilized MF protein fractions from mammalian skeletal muscle suitable for several downstream assays.


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