Advertising Policy

  1. The journal welcomes advertisements of products and services that are directly related to biomedical research and publishes such as advertisements on its website for a fee.
  2. All advertisements are subject to the approval of the journal which reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time.
  3. Readers must be able to tell immediately what is advertising and what is editorial material on the journal's website.
  4. Editorial material shall never be influenced by advertising.
  5. The journal does not endorse any of the advertised company, product, or service.
  6. All advertisements at the journal's website are served on a random basis and are not targeted to any specific article or any specific user or groups of users.
  7. Advertisers bear full responsibility for all information contained in promotional items published in the journal and its accuracy.
  8. Advertisers are responsible for any losses that may be sustained by the journal because of the placement of advertising materials, including due to reclamations or libel actions, breach of confidentiality, copyright infringement and plagiarism.