In vitro and in vivo model systems used in prostate cancer research

David Cunningham, Zongbing You
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Assessing phytase activity

Linnea Qvirist, Nils-Gunnar Carlsson, Thomas Andlid
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A simple, effective and inexpensive method to highlight antigen-antibody reaction based on liquid-semisolid phase

Carlo Ciaiolo, Antonia Genero, Valter Redoglia, Paola Omedè
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Inducing gene expression by targeting promoter sequences using small activating RNAs

Ji Wang, Robert F Place, Victoria Portnoy, Vera Huang, Moo Rim Kang, Maurice Kwok Chung Ho, Long-Cheng LI
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Generation of axolotl hematopoietic chimeras

David Lopez, Edward W Scott
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